2016 Events

Processwork Monthly Group in Berkeley

We’ll be learning Processwork theory and tools, and building relationships and community! Monthly Sunday evening Email: bill@billsay.com

Power, Privilege & Role Awareness for Effective Leadership

Spring 2016
Closed group training for Alameda County Coordinators & HR

ADRNC 2016 Annual Conference

March 19, 2016, 1:30-3:30pm
Conflict and the “Other” workshop

Communication & Feedback Training

March 28 & 30
East Bay; Closed group

Organizational Mission & Diversity

April 2016
Facilitated Conversation
East Bay; Closed group

Sensitivity Training

May 2016
South Bay; Closed group

CIIS: Multicultural Counseling & The Family

Summer 2016
Closed group classes for the School of Community Mental Health

CIIS: Multicultural Counseling & The Family

Fall 2016
Closed group classes for the Somatic Psychology Department


UC Berkeley Extension: Diversity Awareness for Effective Leadership

October 14, 2016

San Francisco Campus

How can a greater awareness of diversity make you a better and more inclusive leader? Join me for this potent day-long class that includes vital concepts, practical tools and engaged conversation.



2017 Events

Worldwork Greece


Shifting Consciousness in Politics, Economy, Ecology and Relationships

April 23 – 28, 2017
Porto Heli, Greece


CIIS: Trauma, Crisis Intervention and Recovery-oriented practice

Summer 2017

Closed group class for CIIS School of Community Mental Health


Community Healing & Leadership Training

August 27, 12-6pm

The ability to build inclusive and equitable community may be one of the central solutions to our world’s problems. 

The world needs facilitators and leaders who can hold and build community across differences and diverse membership. Let’s practice this!

*Learn Process Work concepts and tools to enhance relationships and build community

*Learn conflict resolution skills

*Build diversity awareness*Practice Worldwork, a modality that addresses social and collective issues in a dynamic and effective way

Fee: $45-90 sliding scale

Location: Wildcat Studio, 2525 Eighth St., Berkeley

Register: bill@billsay.com or 510-548-8703


CIIS: Multicultural Counseling & The Family

Fall 2017
Closed group classes for the Somatic Psychology Department


Relationship Awareness Seminar 

October 22; 3-6pm


* Learn process oriented practices to enhance relationships of all kinds

* Deepen conflict resolution abilities

* Create greater intimacy and presence

Learn concepts and practices that deepen your capacity for cultivating deeper and more fulfilling relationships. Build community connection with a Process oriented group process! Process Work is the multidisciplinary approach to individual and collective change founded by Arnold Mindell.


Fee: $45; $35 students/interns

Location:  Berkeley Location given upon registration

RSVP and Info: bill@billsay.com (510)548-8703

Monthly Relationship Awareness Group starting soon in Berkeley!