2016 Events

Processwork Monthly Group in Berkeley

We’ll be learning Processwork theory and tools, and building relationships and community! Monthly Sunday evening Email: bill@billsay.com

Power, Privilege & Role Awareness for Effective Leadership

Spring 2016
Closed group training for Alameda County Coordinators & HR

ADRNC 2016 Annual Conference

March 19, 2016, 1:30-3:30pm
Conflict and the “Other” workshop

Communication & Feedback Training

March 28 & 30
East Bay; Closed group

Organizational Mission & Diversity

April 2016
Facilitated Conversation
East Bay; Closed group

Sensitivity Training

May 2016
South Bay; Closed group

CIIS: Multicultural Counseling & The Family

Summer 2016
Closed group classes for the School of Community Mental Health

CIIS: Multicultural Counseling & The Family

Fall 2016
Closed group classes for the Somatic Psychology Department


UC Berkeley Extension: Diversity Awareness for Effective Leadership

October 14, 2016

San Francisco Campus

How can a greater awareness of diversity make you a better and more inclusive leader? Join me for this potent day-long class that includes vital concepts, practical tools and engaged conversation.