2019 Events

Under Our Skin

Addressing Internalized Oppression

For People of Color

Innerwork and Group Approaches

Monthly Group With Bill Say


As well as external forms of oppression such as institutionalized racism, people of color may also face related self-criticism, self-doubt, and issues including depressive moods and low self-esteem: internalized oppression. These processes can impact physical, mental, spiritual, relational, familial and communal well-being as well as one’s sense of empowerment, confidence and pride.

In this monthly group we’ll come together to learn, grow and connect with each other. You’ll have the opportunity to practice Innerwork methods to address internalized oppression and co-create group approaches for greater awareness and wholeness.

The Innerwork and group work methods come from Mindell Process Work which has been practiced in many community settings worldwide.

Bill Say, MA, is a Korean Japanese American and Process Work Diplomate. He teaches at CIIS, trains and consults on diversity matters with non-profits and community organizations and has conducted a private coaching practice for many years. His website is: www.billsay.com

Location: Berkeley location

Fee: sliding scale $45-60 per session.

To register: bill@billsay.com or 510-548-8703

Process Work Training Monthly Group

Closed group for Advanced Students and Graduates of CIIS

CIIS Spring 2019:

Somatics & Society

Closed group classes for the Graduate School of Somatic Psychology

Annual Winter Intensive in Process Work

January 20th – February 21st, 2019

Process Work Institute, Portland Oregon

The course offers a unique opportunity to learn Processwork in an intensive format and within an international group setting. The course includes Processwork’s many applications and its most recent developments, and it is designed as an adult learning event. Participants will learn and study together by means of theory, experiential exercises, and group processes. Since the course attracts students from many nationalities, ethnic groups, and religious backgrounds, issues such as multiculturalism, diversity, and community building are part of the learning experience.

Plus, it will be my first time teaching in the Intensive!


The Heart of Conflict Facilitation

with Bill Say and Lane Arye

April 28, 10am - 5pm

Who likes conflict? Almost no one. But it seems to be an unavoidable part of life. Handled skillfully, conflict can lead to transformation, intimacy, understanding, reduced tension, as well as better relationships, teamwork and community. How can we better engage in conflicts and facilitate them?

This workshop combines brief theoretical lecture, discussion, skill building exercises, and solo, partnered, small group and large group activities.

This workshop is for any individual who struggles with conflict, including parents, partners, team members, leaders, social activists, therapists, and facilitators. But most of all, you.

  • Learn and practice Process Work theory and tools concerning conflict facilitation

  • Explore the heart that can hold all sides

  • Find our conflict facilitation superpower

  • Expand inner diversity

  • Practice role awareness and role switching

  • Contact our values and visions concerning conflict

Worldwork: Group Process, Conflict Facilitation & Eldership

with Bill Say & Rhea Shapiro

Neskowin, Oregon

May 10-16, 2019

Closed group for the Masters in Process Oriented Facilitation Program

Internalized Oppression

Thursday June 13th, 10-12pm PST

Free webinar with Zed Xaba and Bill Say

ON ZOOM: HTTPS://ZOOM.US/J/8581280425

Internalized Oppression can depress, limit or destroy our well-being, empowerment and meaningful engagement with life. Internalized oppression is a dynamic of systemic oppression whether based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, appearance or other diversity dimensions. That is, if society constantly puts us down because of some aspect of our identity, it’s common for a part of us to agree with this perception; and then relate to ourselves and others like us with the same doubt or hatred.

In this interactive webinar Zed and Bill will discuss with you Internalized Oppression, share its manifestations and discuss a general strategy to address Internalized Oppression. You will also have the opportunity to try out an Innerwork exercise to address your own Internalized Oppression!

Zed Xaba, M.A., is a black South African woman who has been dealing with Internalized Oppression for all her life, but has been inspired to confront it directly it the past few years. She has presented at conferences on the topic, and was invited to do a TEDx Talk on the subject: https://youtu.be/ZTN2yUVQTGg

Zed has worked as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion facilitator for two decades in South Africa and globally.

Bill Say, M.A., has worked on his self-criticism/internalized oppression for a long time! He’s learned a lot from this relationship, and has helped clients work with their own inner critics. Bill is a Process Work Diplomate in the San Francisco Bay Area, an instructor at the California Institute of Integral Studies and conduct a private practice utilizing Process Work for individuals, relationships, families, and groups. He offers training and facilitation at the intersection of diversity, conflict and community building.

Diversity Awareness for Effective Leadership

September 17th - October 15th

5 part Online Class

Learn Process Work theory and practices that address differences

  • Explore your own individual identity and main “others”

  • Delve into Role theory for greater fluidity and awareness

  • Develop greater holding capacity through connection with Nature energies

  • Learn rank awareness for greater empowerment and sensitivity

  • Learn a simplified Process Work model of conflict

Leaders are effective to the degree that we can welcome, hold, understand, communicate and facilitate differences of all kinds. Whether we are looking at relationships, families, therapeutic settings, teams, organizations, community groups or the larger social sphere, awareness of diversity is invaluable in how we help create positive change and a greater sense of community.

Diversity includes gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, class, nationality, age, and ability but also involves our perspectives, styles, ways of thinking and doing, and the nearly infinite kinds of powers we hold. It is one of our greatest challenges and resources.

This course introduces Process Work theory that concerns human diversity. We’ll learn and practice Process Work tools especially suited to work with differences and conflicts. We’ll take time to explore our own contexts: relationship, family, clinical setting, team, organization, community or social movement in order to apply Process Work concepts and practices and our growing awareness to these specific areas. This online class includes lecture, discussion, assigned reading and homework, and experiential exercises.

DATES: A Five Part Online Class

  • Tuesday, September 17th, 1pm -2:30pm pacific time

  • Tuesday, September 24th, 1pm -2:30pm pacific time

  • Tuesday, October 1st, 1pm -2:30pm pacific time

  • Tuesday, October 8th, 1pm -2:30pm pacific time

  • Tuesday, October 15th, 1pm -2:30pm pacific time

To Register: https://processworkonline.com/2019/06/11/diversity-awareness/

2020 Events

Worldwork 2020

Musqueam Territory, Vancouver BC Canada

University of British Columbia

May 23-28, 2020

Daring to Dream at the Edge of Our Known Worlds

Worldwork is an opportunity to learn more about the worlds we inhabit- to experience – to feel – to explore with each other the roles that enliven and polarize us, and create a sustainable way of being together. Worldwork is an inclusive, transformative approach to collective conflict, diversity issues, and community building. We explore power dynamics, and embody issues to deepen our awareness and a sense of community and hope. Worldwork includes hard facts and dreaming, thoughts and feelings, me and you.

Pre-conference Seminar with Arny and Amy Mindell: Worldwork Leadership Facilitator Training: May 20-21, 2020

Register at: http://worldwork.org/wordwork-2020-canada/registration/