Diversity Awareness as a State of Mind

From my upcoming book on Diversity Awareness:

First, Diversity Awareness, DA, is a state of mind and perhaps its most helpful attitude or quality is inclusion. We might ask ourselves what mindset or mind, can best hold all people, points of view, experiences, beliefs and backgrounds? There are undoubtedly many answers here. My own experience and my studies show me that most of us, coming from our “everyday” mind, are at least somewhat limited in this regard. For example, as Bill Say, I often experience myself as somewhat, and sometimes very, limited in my capacity to hold diversity. But if I seek a state of mind that can better embrace differences I often find it in an alternative mind. I think if God had a mind I imagine it would be one that could hold all the diversity in life, not in some mushy or sentimental way but rather in ways that account for the infinite differences and unfathomable depths present in our mysterious world. But assuming such a thing exists, how can we access this mind?